EmpowerCREATIVE! Studios’ primary focus is on wellness for the whole person in mind, body, soul, and spirit through creative exploration. We specialize in empowerment coaching through creative expression in seven facets of wholeness: Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Atmosphere, and Career/Business using industrial-organizational psychology, social + emotional intelligence, and therapeutic art life coaching strategies. Workshops include empowerful facilitation and creative exploration in a fun, engaging way to enhance your personal and professional development.


  • Book a Coaching Session

    • Affirmation Art (creating artwork with intention to encourage, edify, and empower)

    • Beauty from Ashes Art (healing through creating beautiful artwork from trauma)

    • Manifestation Art (visible artistic expression of heart’s desires)

      • Signature Sessions

      • Purpose Board Painting (Strategic Vision Board using 7 Facets of Wholeness)

      • Year-in-ReVISION Board Painting

    • Prophetic Art (personal and spiritual revelation expressed in an art form)

  • Choose your event location and bring your own food and beverages

  • We provide setup, supplies, group coaching, and cleanup

  • Great for corporate, non-profit, or church events, team building retreats, personal or professional enrichment

  • Group Cost: $45 per person (Five person minimum, 50% deposit due upon booking (non-refundable)

  • Three and six month packages available for individual coaching


  • Customized Industrial-Organizational Psychology workshops (e.g., leadership, work motivation, job attitudes, teams, onboarding strategies, etc.)
  • Customized Social + Emotional Intelligence workshops (e.g., self-awareness, self-management, motivation, relationships, empathy, and soft skills)
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